Programmatic Advertising Platform & Monetization Technology Solutions
Realise the Power of Your First Party Data
Digital Ad Trading That Complements Your Business Goals
The all-in-one ad-server, ad-exchange, SSP and DSP
Realise Your True Monetization Potential
Generate more value for your advertisers, sellers & customers
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Comprehensive Digital Ad Trading

An Ad Trading Stack to power what you business needs-

  • Ad Servers
  • Demand-Side Platforms
  • Supply-Side Platforms/Ad-Exchanges

Combine it with our Data Management Platform to create enhanced audience targeting & reporting capabilities

Superior Monetization Solutions

Optimized Ad placements & Formats to reach to your true monetization potential

  • Turn-Key
  • On-Premise Secure Infrastructure
  • Search Monetization
  • First Party Data Management & Audience Mobilization

Payment Apps | Retail-Ecommerce

End-to-end solutions for brands, agencies and publishers

Data Management
Harness and monetize your first-party data. Get insights on user behaviour.
Any data generated by or fed into the system, remains secure within the Cloud, and complete ownership stays with you
Less Time to Market
Providing on-premise or in-housing solution, which is a faster way to deliver the unique value proposition to the customers and achieve competitive advantage
Platform Ownership
Create your own platform by hosting our software on your server machines, rented or owned. Fully utilize our enterprise adtech stack to generate more value for your business, customers, partners and other stakeholders along the programmatic supply chain.
Ahead of the Market
Constantly updated features with on-the-fly release of modules crucial to keep you ahead of your competitors. Keep your programmatic relevant with the latest technology to deliver most value to all stakeholders.
Highly Customizable Solutions
Select from the plethora of features in our out-of-box solutions and tailor them to complement your business needs perfectly. Create Ad Trading suits or Commerce Advertising solutions that benefit you the most while giving you an edge over your competitors.

Our Solutions

Ad Trading Stack

The all-in-one ad-server, ad-exchange, SSP and DSP

Retail Monetization Solutions

Commerce Advertising For Retail & Ecommerce Apps

Payment Apps Monetization Solutions

Deliver relevant & rich experience to your customers. Generate Advertising Revenue.








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Started in August 2013, Kritter is a team based out of a quaint little office in the heart of Bengaluru, India. The space is home to musicians, foodies, chefs, fitness/sports enthusiasts, brain-teaser specialists, candy crushers and GoT fans who all share a passion to create and fuel the leading advertising technology.

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