Started in August 2013, Kritter is a team based out of a quaint little office in the heart of Bengaluru, India. The space is home to musicians, foodies, chefs, fitness/sports enthusiasts, brain-teaser specialists, candy crushers and GoT fans who all share a passion to create and fuel the leading advertising technology.







We are a team of tech wizards, UI experts, data scientists, and ad-ops professionals, committed to creating state-of-the-art programmatic advertising platforms for agencies, brands, publishers, retailers, and enterprises. We combine adtech, data science, business intelligence, and AI to create future-ready advertising solutions.

10 Myths about retail media ad networks


We take pride in what we do and our work speaks for itself. From launching enterprise solutions within weeks to creating custom solutions that drive client success, we give it all and do it fast.

Everything that we do originates from Kritter culture, which relies on four pillars.

Enjoy what you do!

If your heart's not into it, better don’t start it! We believe that until you eat, breathe, and live what you do, you can’t create success. At Kritter, our lean teams are individuals who take their work seriously and fun very seriously.

Stay Critical!

We are all flawed and to create solutions for the future, we need to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. We don’t chase perfection but make sure to be better than yesterday. At Kritter, we are open to learning, unlearning, and relearning in order to improve personally and professionally.


Doing something together is always more fun. At Kritter, ideas float around flawlessly and all hands come on the deck whenever needed. No one team is ever responsible for creating a successful software product. Sales bring in the client’s POV, marketing sees the market fit, the product team envisages the roadmap, adops takes the feasibility check while tech does the magic.

Believe in the Process!

People may falter but processes stand the test of time. We put in extra effort and time to create processes today that deliver quick and effortless workflows of the future. We are result-oriented but more than that we make sure we enjoy the journey.