On-Premise Secure Infrastructure

Search Monetization

First Party Data Management & Audience Mobilization

Enable Advertisers, Brands & Sellers to reach out to their ideal niche audiences, while you own the Data

Commerce Advertising is Growing 3 Times faster than Digital Advertising. Be Ready when Brands come to you! 

Save Upto
$5 Million in Development costs

Improve Operational Efficiency by 35%

Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost by Upto 50%

Upto 5X Increase in Ad Revenue

Upto 10X improvement in ROAS

Upto 50% lift in sales for advertisers

Did you know

Brands that deploy all four 1st
party data activation methods -

Audience Definition

Lifecycle Marketing

Personalization Engine

Cross-channel Lead Management

Achieve upto 3x Higher revenue uplift

Source - A Study Conducted by BCG & Google

There are challenges in the path towards Monetization.

Kritter makes the Journey smooth.

Kritter details out the monetization plan, customized to your business & advertising goals, for running brand and performance campaigns across channels in the most effective way possible.

Optmize your monetization revenue with Ad Placements, Ad Formats, and Audience Management that work best for you.

Delight your customers with the best experience and the most relevant offers.

Kritter's in-housing solution is a faster way to deliver a unique value proposition to your customers and achieve a competitive advantage.

Our Monetization and AdTech Stack enables you to run and test different branding and performance campaigns to create the ideal Ad Platform for you quickly.

Get ready to go live within days.

Kritter offers On-Premise Solutions.

Since the servers are deployed on your cloud infrastructure, any data generated by or fed into the system remains secure within the cloud, and the complete ownership belongs to you.

The data will be available only to you, and you can choose to run campaigns from any advertiser or brand on that user data.

Your first-party data provides the most authentic signals to create valuable segments based on customers' transactional, demographic, behavioral, and usage data.

On-board your segmented first-party audience data in the system, and Kritter will make it available as a targeting feature for your advertisers & in-app sellers.