We deploy our solutions on your cloud infrastructure,
so you can scale up or down as you need over time.

Monthly Subscription

Single Region


1-4 Server Machines


5-10 Server Machines


10+ Server Machines

What You Get

On-premise deployment

Trading Partner Integration Support

UI Personalization with Logo

Granular Targeting

Detailed Reports

Custom Report Retention Periods

Regular Updates

New Features*

Bug Resolution

Server Infrastructure Support

Alerts for Simplified Platform Monitoring

Ad Operations Support

*New features developed by Kritter will be released at Kritter's discretion.

Interested in licensing Kritter's
ATS and/or DMP to customize on
top of it and bring your
advertising efforts completely

Are you a start-up, small
business or just new to ad-
We understand the troubles of
growing and are willing to work
something out!