Benefits of White Label Solutions

Nowadays, the world of online digital advertising is more complex than it used to be few years ago. It is becoming very important for Ad Tech Companies to provide services such that it delivers better returns for Publishers on the one hand and better ROAS/Conversions for Advertisers.

Advertisers, agencies or publishers may think of getting an ad-tech platform developed from the ground up but the question is: Can you find enough capable man power to get the project off the ground and can you wait? The answer is No to both cases.

This is where a Kritter’s White Label Ad Tech Solution proves to be the best.

First, let’s see in brief what are the components that blends together and makes Ad Tech Platform:

  • Demand-Side Platform - for advertisers, brands, agencies and networks, with real time bidding module. This component helps advertisers precisely target ads to users visiting publisher sites and thus improve chances of click and thus conversion.
  • Supply Side Platform – caters to Publishers. It gives them freedom to set floor rates, ensure that the platform sells space to the highest bidder and that their sites do not lack advertisers.
  • Data Management Platform - is another essential part of the programmatic system, that may have inbuilt data as well as ability to port in third party data. It helps advertisers and publishers derive valuable insights and thus personalize ad targeting.

What is white label in AdTech

The simplest explanation for white label is that you buy a product and attach your label to it. A company just need to add their Logo, Color Themes and incorporation of Domain/other URLs over Kritter’s Ad Tech Platform and they are ready to go into business.

This is ideal for users and for resellers too who reap the benefits without extended development and associated costs. Publishers and Advertisers can get the entire package or simply opt for ready-to-use White Labelled Supply-side or Demand-side Platform with their own brand on it.


White Labeling gives the impression that the Product is the user’s own, not of any Third-Party brand or provider. Advertisers or publishers need not spend huge amounts in development, salary payments and wait for a long time. They lose out on market competitiveness whereas a white label solution helps them jump start operations.

Naturally this helps improve brand image. There are other reasons as well such as:

  • Users can customize features and not have to rely on anyone else.
  • Users can customize dashboards and notification as well as manage workflows.
  • They can provide Self-Serve/Role-based access to clients with their own brand.

Typically, there are quirks to specific programmatic ad tech platforms. This is where leaving it all to Kritter makes sense. Users focus on business revenues; Kritter takes care of the tech and services.

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