Dynamic Creative Optimization

Feature Update - Dynamic Creative Optimization for Personalization

What is Dynamic Creative Optimization or DCO?

As the name suggests, DCO is a creative optimization technology in programmatic advertising that helps deliver personalized ads to audiences based on their location, demographics, device, browsing history, and other parameters. It also enables advertisers to perform split or multivariate testing with multiple creatives on a small sample of their target audience before rolling out the optimized or best-performing creatives in a broader set of audiences.

What can advertisers do on Kritter?

With this feature update, advertisers can choose to show different ads to users sitting at various locations. Additionally, they can split-test multiple creatives in the same campaign. This can be done by simply mentioning the audience's percentages that they want to see specific creatives. This helps in testing out the creatives first before extending the campaign to a broader audience. 

To setup DCO in their campaigns with Kritter, advertisers can upload a CSV file with no headers, creatives’ GUID (mandatory), and country, State, City, and User Distribution Percentage values (optional).

Why is this important?

More often than not, advertisers (an agency or a brand) need to reach out to their target groups in different geographies. In many cases, the offer, the messaging, and the call to action may vary depending on the location the ad needs to be served. One way to tackle this is to set up different campaigns for different locations. With DCO capabilities at Kritter, you can set up one programmatic advertisement campaign to deliver different creatives to users at different locations.

Another dilemma that advertisers face is the effectiveness of their creatives. They generally have to wait to get their creative in front of a sizeable audience before tweaking it if it doesn't perform well.

With DCO, they can run a split test between creatives by starting with small sample size and seeing which creatives perform better to amplify them to their desired audience.

A Use-Case

One obvious use case can be an advertiser in the hospitality industry trying to show different properties to different audiences under the same campaign. If someone resides in Bangalore, they would be more interested in going to Coorg or Wayanad for their weekend getaway compared to someone staying in Mumbai who would instead prefer Lonavla. With DCO, the advertiser can show relevant properties to relevant users, thus personalizing their experience and improving conversions.

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