How Can Publishers Use the Ad Trading Platform for Monetization?

Publishers have seen a drop in ad revenues in recent years due to the rise of ad blockers. A crisis is usually the best time to rethink and look for alternate strategies to generate revenue. This is where an ad-trading platform can come to their aid. 

Digital advertising is a dog-eat-dog world. Placing the right ad in front of the right audience can make all the difference in driving conversions.

Ad-trade platforms are a programmatic technology that improves on the traditional trading model by allowing businesses to bid in real-time on media from a variety of publishers. This type of advertising can help reap the benefits of advertising without burning a hole in one's pocket on a massive advertising budget. 

How Are Ad-Trading Platforms Helping the Media Industry?

Ad-trading platforms use a specific set of tools to help the media industry monetize its digital assets and get the most out of the money they spend on advertising. Let's go through a few to understand the basics.

Supply-Side Platform

A supply-side platform (SSP) is a tool used to sell advertising inventory. SSPs assist websites in effectively monetizing their audiences and optimizing ad impressions.

Publishers can use SSPs to place their available ad space on other networks, such as ad exchanges and demand-side platforms. If a site owner makes a new offer to an ad exchange, the demand-side platform purchases it as a brand.

Demand-Side Platform

Ad agencies and advertisers can use demand-side platforms (DSPs) to buy ad inventory, optimize ad placements, and analyze and manage ad campaigns.

A DSP is an automated tool that facilitates purchasing ad space. To purchase impressions, brands participate in real-time bidding (RTB) auctions, which buy ad space in milliseconds. In turn, site owners submit their offers to the SSP.

Following that, the request is routed to the ad exchange, which selects the best option for a specific advertiser.

Ad-Trading Platform

Ad exchanges are virtual marketplaces where advertisers and website publishers meet to buy advertising space. Ad-trading platforms collect the publisher's SSP bid along with the DSP's demand for ad impressions and auctions available on website real estate via real-time auctions. 

When a user visits a site, the ad trading platform immediately triggers an auction where bidding takes place for valuable ad space based on the user's previous interactions and interests. This enables publishers to get the right ads in front of the targeted audiences. 

How Can Ad-Trading Platforms Help Monetize Campaigns?

Ad-trading platforms are a great way for publishers to monetize their inventory and grow their business. They enable them to scale campaigns as quickly as possible by allowing better decisions about where the ads appear on the internet.

These platforms provide valuable consumer insights so publishers can create more effective ads. It’s easier than ever before for advertisers (and publishers) alike because there are fewer intermediaries between them (i.e., ad networks), which means fewer overhead costs per impression delivered into people's inboxes or email streams.

The Benefits of Using Ad-Trading Platforms for Monetization

Ad-trading platforms can offer unique benefits to help publishers monetize their content:

  • They increase the chances of finding a good advertiser; ad platforms can find advertisers who fit the budget and location. This means publishers don't have to go through the hassle of manually searching for advertisers or writing their own offers
  • They improve exposure on the web by bringing more people to the site and increasing the chances of being found by them again in future searches
  • They give publishers more control over what kind of advertising they want to do
Summing It Up 

Ad-trading platforms when used wisely, are a great tool to help publishers monetize their content in the most effective way possible. They provide publishers with a unique opportunity to overcome the barriers of traditional advertising methods without having to spend as much as they normally would.

As a publisher, now would be a good time to take a keen look at ad-trading platforms to boost revenue.

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