Kritter Supports Snowflake Data Cloud for Analytics & Measurement

Kritter platform supports Snowflake Data Cloud for Analytics & Reporting

What does it mean?

Kritter recently adopted Snowflake as its data storage, management, and computational platform to provide faster and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Snowflake’s data cloud is a powerful data platform that works on the Software-as-a-service model. It enables data storage, management, processing, and analytics that are faster, seamless, more flexible, and easier to use than traditional data solutions. 

How does it benefit advertisers on Kritter?

Now we can store raw data along with the structured data making it easier for us to store the entire database in one place. Snowflake allows storage and analysis of structured and semistructured data in the cloud database and optimizes it automatically for querying. Additionally, the cloud-based database platform has a unique multi-cluster architecture creating more room for concurrency and parallel processing.

Both of the above features create faster systems that enable a smoother experience for the advertisers on our platform.

Snowflake, being hosted by cloud computing platforms - Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, is always available and has minimal impact by network or server failures.

This will enable the measurement and reporting on Kritter platform to be always online, secure, and accessible from anywhere.

The third benefit that this migration will bring will be cost-effectiveness. The cloud data warehouse provider allows a usage-based pricing model which takes into account storage and computing separately. There’s a simple fixed cost for storage based on the terabytes of data, whereas you pay only for what you use for the computation resources.

This will help reduce our and our advertisers’ costs when there is a downtime in data computation and querying.

Why is this important?

Making our advertising & data solutions faster, easier to use, providing a seamless experience while making them cost-effective is what we strive to achieve. With Snowflake, the data storage, management, computation, and reporting on the Kritter platform become more secure, accessible to different teams with clear governance policies, easy to audit, and provides powerful analytics.

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