A Walkthrough On White-labelled Self-Serve Platform

AdTech is a competitive world. Advertisers would want to reach at top-notch position by making impact through their own brand and services. Delivering right message to one’s respective target audience can be tricky yet important task.

Allow us to introduce you one such technology that can make our programmatic advertising solutions easier and effective to no bounds! This is Kritter’s White-labelled Self-Serve Platform.

What is the difference between, DSP / Self-Serve DSP / White-labelled Self-Serve DSP?

First let us understand this in simple terms - a Demand Side Platform is a platform for automatic media buying based on a real-time bidding auction. One has to just sign-up to a self-serve DSP, make a deposit, upload creative, adjust targeting settings of campaign and start their Media Trading business. So, here the advertisers bid for the Bid Request at a time and the highest bidder always wins in the auction taking place. In addition to this, if the Media Trader wants a Self-Serve DSP, it means that. The DSP Provider will give Role-based access to Media Trader and without involvement of any managed operational suport, Media Trader can take care of their campaigns themselves.

Now, if there is a need for White-labelling on top of Self-Serve DSP, the Media Trader company first need to setup DNS that will hold the platform URL, Tag/Script URL or any other Pixel’s URL. Then add logo, color themes etc. Let’s say company’s name of Media Trader is ABC.com and DSP’s is console.XYZ.com, then the White-label will have URL as is console.ABC.com

Kritter’s Solution and Offerings

Kritter’s Solution is a ready to use Platform. If a Media Trader sign-up with Kritter’s, they will have Self-Serve DSP, where they can get access to platform depending on the agreed role. Additionally, there is a facility for Media Trade to add their Logo, Color Themes and incorporation of Domain URL. So that the Media Trading company can have Kritter’s DSP under their name.

Another advantage is, if a company is new to programmatic advertising and do not know any SSPs to connect with, they can easily connect with Kritter’s platform and start advertising in no time. Or, they can look for other SSPs, contact them saying they have a platform of their own.

Above all, there will be very minimal investment needed on the technology fee on the top of the advertising spend.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Customizations – Kritter provides freedom to set-up the platform interface according to their need. Make the URL’s as per their choice. This redesign and rebranding greatly helps an Advertiser in making their mark in AdTech Market.
  • Maintenance - Kritter actively maintains the infrastructure and the application using various monitoring tools and by providing regular software patches
  • Enhancements - Kritter regularly upgrades the system as per industry’s latest trend and technology
  • Support - Kritter provides in-house dev-ops support for infrastructure/application and ad-ops support for campaign optimization
  • Access Control - Media Traders can give role-based access of the Platform to their clients
  • Reporting and Analytics - Marketers can leverage the robust reporting tool to optimize their campaigns without anyone’s interference.


Evidently a White-labelled Self-Serve Platforms offers bundles of advantages to the advertisers who opt for it.

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