DMP helping in Digital Business - A Sneak Peek!

Nothing can beat the fact that the information gathered from several data sources, is probably one of the most valuable things in today’s world. At the same time, it is equally important to be aware of how to use these data so that it works for one’s benefit – obviously keeping the user’s privacy in mind.

Now, for an advertiser, it is important that they process their audience information in the right way; this is where Kritter’s Data Management Platform comes into the picture.

Understanding the Data Management Platform (DMP)

A Data Management Platform, or DMP, is a centralized system that gathers data from various sources, segments it, and makes them available for targeting. Advertisers can use them to reach out to relevant audiences through their marketing or retargeting campaigns.

Kritter’s technology helps in studying the behavior and preference of audiences to create a credible user profile for more efficient targeting. It is well known that, by using appropriate user segments in a campaign-

  • Personalized content can be shown to a user - which makes the user experience better and improves customer loyalty too.
  • Improvement in conversion rate can be observed - because Advertiser is reaching to the right set of people.
  • An Advertiser can establish their brand in a better way.

Pillars of Kritter’s DMP

Kritter’s DMP is built on four interconnected pillars -

1. Collection

2. Unification

3. Organization

4. Analytics

Let us have a quick brief look at these:

1. Collection:

When a Media Trader starts campaigns on different advertising channels like display, search, social, video, they are basically generating audience data. The channels, broadly, are:

  • Online: Websites, Campaign’s Landing Page/s, Mobile Web, and In-App properties.
  • Offline: Various offline records, including CRM/CMS or email subscriptions.

These are Media Traders' very own data, known as “First-Party Data”. These can be on-boarded securely on Kritter’s Platform and can be made available for targeting.

2. Unification:

Kritter’s DMP enables advertisers to unify their audience data that are collected across multiple channels, as well as devices. This unification of data acts as a central system of record helps Advertisers to generate a holistic understanding of Audiences.

3. Organization:

Kritter’s flexible and customizable system offers the organization of data. So, the raw data is made available in an organized manner, so that Advertisers categorically can make use of them.

4. Analytics:

As soon as the data is collected and organized in DMP, a variety of tools available in Kritter’s Platform helps in generating customer insights. This is used to reach and engage audiences.

It includes:

  • Pre-Camping Analysis: consists of demographic insight and audiences’ online behavior.
  • Mid-Fight Analysis: includes real-time campaign tracking and reporting.
  • Post-Campaign Analysis: consists of global campaign metrics, profile analysis, and campaign drivers & detractors

Eventually, the profiles gathered within the system gives us resourceful information about audiences. Using a variety of tools, Kritter helps Advertisers to reach out to people at the right time and at the right place. Because AdTech is nothing without accurate data, thus DMP is needed.

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