How to make most from On-Premise Solution?

Ever wondered about managing enormous data at the peak of your system’s load? Working with an abundant amount of data can let you think if your software infrastructure landscape is configured correctly or not. You may find yourself looking for more computing or storage space on cloud or even new machines of bigger capacity that can satiate your requirements.

Do you think that these above scenarios are quite familiar to you? If yes, then it is high time to re-engineer your software infrastructure.

Having said this, choosing the right software solution is a notable point of concern if you wish to migrate your business to the next level. The best option one can go with is Kritter’s On-Premise Software Solutions, that offers ample of benefits to the Company and their clients as well.

On-Premise Software Solutions – Intro, Why and How

It is necessary to understand why a company should opt for their very own dedicated servers and not located in a centralized data center.

We know that a software application of a company collects a lot of data. There can be sensitive user information, payment, billing, or other financial information or other First-Party data. The Company would need different resources to process them and keep them in a secure environment. Thus, a regular software update along with the server up-gradation is a must.

Typically, a Media Trader rent Ad Platform from AdTech Service Providers for their business purposes. They need to pay a fixed fees or commission based on the Media Spend or based on contract.

On the contrary, since on-premise software solution is a method of deploying and running business software on Client’s location - Media Traders can build their own private server space, through Kritter’s Solution. They also need not worry about things such as covering the periodic server maintenance cost, ensuring always-safe and always-secure environment, and many more.

Undoubtedly it offers a high level of security and data privacy with 24/7 access to machines and the software installed on them: meaning, more control, and scalability.

Kritter’s On-Premise Software Solution is successfully deployed at multiple locations for multiple Clients and is proven over time.

Let us have a quick look at those benefits of Kritter’s on-Premise Solution:

1. Cost:

  • It lowers the overall cost as the Company will be billed for one-time license fees plus annual maintenance fees, as opposed to the other solution provider that draws monthly recurring charges on multiple items.
  • Cut down the substantial cumulative amount as with the deployment of on-premises solutions, one can enroll long term/multi-year subscription plans.
  • Building cost significantly reduces when a Company chooses Kritetr’s Solution over building a Platform from scratch. Kritter’s Software is ready-to-use and can be deployed on Client’s Cloud Servers instantly.

2. User access and security

  • The knowledge of systems and data or the information resides solely in-house.
  • The Company can restrict access to their systems, databases, or applications. Only with the owner’s permission, the data on the servers will be virtualized.
  • One can customize the security as per the Company’s needs as well as the individual organization process, regulatory compliance, and different types of requirements.

3. Deployment & Scalability:

  • It offers a higher degree of control for the customers in terms of deployment timeline and update rollout.
  • A company can choose to upgrade or downgrade machine capacity, depending on business needs because it is not a pre-defined or fixed structure.


All these benefits together make an on-premise solution a preferable one among Media Traders. There are many factors to consider when planning to choose the best solution for your business needs.

The benefits of Kritter’s Solution are definitely at par with different cloud and SaaS solutions available in the market. Observing these benefits, the clients can follow a holistic approach and ensure to get the best comprehensive services.

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