Third Party Data support with Kritter

Feature Update - Now Onboard & Target any Third Party DMP with Access Control

What is third-party data?

Third-party data includes information collected on users by various sources that have no direct connection to the users that the data is collected on. These sources may include (but are not limited to) websites, apps, platforms, social media, surveys, and databases. The data set can have information on users like their first and last name, email address, postal address, phone numbers, social media handles, purchase history, and website browsing activities. 

What can advertisers do on Kritter?

With the recent product updates, any advertiser, an agency, or a brand can seamlessly onboard data from any third party DMP (data management platform) on Kritter, make it available for targeting, maintain control & privacy of the data and provide different access levels (platform level, parent account level or advertiser level) to the account users based on their requirements.

This data can be used to create richer customer (user) segments and helps to create targeted campaigns and personalized ads.

Why is this important?

Now advertisers can use data from multiple sources, including third party data from their partners, subsidiaries, or data providers, to create a unified and richer view of their target audience and reap better ROI from their programmatic advertising. 

Case Study - 

A Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing company improved their campaign CTR (Click Through Rate) by 10X when they employed third party data by using a customer intelligence platform (DMP), Zeotap. At the same time, the CPM of the campaign went down by 10%. The campaign targeted a very specific audience cohort to create a richer segmentation. 

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