Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings

Feature Update - Kritter Supports Macros for Nielsen DAR

What is Nielsen DAR?

As per Nielsen, their Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) provides a comprehensive, next-day view of an ad’s audience across computer, mobile and connected devices audience in a way that is comparable to Nielsen TV Ratings. Powered by the largest consumer data sets and the highest-quality panel globally, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings is the new industry standard for the digital audience measurement.

What can Advertisers do on Kritter?

Advertisers can now pass specific data sets like device groups, device types, opt-outs, and opt-ins to their Nielsen accounts to get a unified view of their campaign measurement & effectiveness.

Why is this important?

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings results show that 56% of campaign impressions, on average, are lost to issues such as fraud and off-target, out-of-view audiences. Source - A report by Nielsen. To fight fraud, advertisers, brands & agencies need to access a credible source that provides reliable data on viewability.

Nielsen DAR does the same. It helps advertisers measure the following - 

  • Audience impact - Evaluate how your targeted campaigns delivered to your intended audiences
  • Device effectiveness - See which device categories work best for your audiences
  • Demographics - Get credible data on what demographics are engaged through the campaigns
  • Geography - See exactly where your impressions are delivered across the globe

In short, with DAR, advertisers can validate that their messages reach desired audiences and maximize return on their media investment.

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