Liveramp 1st party data

Feature Update - Liveramp integration: Proprietory Data at your disposal

What does this mean?

Liveramp is a leading data connectivity and customer identity resolution platform. It helps marketers to create an enriched and unified customer view by connecting multiple data sources (offline & online). This enables the marketers and advertisers to get clearer visibility onto their existing customers & prospects and their behavior, get more precise targeting on specific subsegments, and create campaigns with better results.

What can advertisers do on Kritter?

Advertisers (in the USA) can leverage our proprietary data covering over 75% of the US population. They get access to constantly updated Deterministic Identifiers through our 1st party data to develop a 360-degree customer persona. Reach out to your target audience based on their occupation, income group, demographics, ethnicity, marital status, net worth, education, languages they speak, home market value, and over 250 other such attributes. 

Why is this important?

Advertisers can create rich personas of their target groups and remove the clutter in the digital world to reach the audiences most suited to them and deliver personalized experiences. Such granular information enables the advertisers to improve their ROI by creating targeted programmatic campaigns.

Use case - 

Let's take an example of a bank based out of the US looking for customers who are most likely and suited to opt for its latest credit card. They need young professionals with a credit rating of over 800, who own a home with a market value of $250,000 or more, are married, and live in one of the four cities - Oakland, San Jose, San Diego, Los Angeles. Additionally, the ideal target audience will be those who are active visitors to eCommerce websites & apps. 

Most DSPs can gauge the audiences' location and their browsing history based on cookies or app ids and unique mobile ids. But getting other details would be difficult using the traditional methods.

Kritter's 1st party database comes to the rescue for such advertisers. Using our proprietary database, advertisers can target users based on the above-mentioned attributes, among others. Without this, the aforementioned bank might deliver their ads to people who do not qualify based on their criteria and hope that the ones who do also see the ads, and gradually optimize the campaign based on various signals.

Instead, they can deliver extremely target ads to their desired audience from day one.

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