Key Evaluation Criteria Before You Buy White Label Ad Tech

A Programmatic Ad Tech Platform is made up of several modules, or we can say, it’s a combination of multiple platforms. Users may or may not need all of them. It is better to opt for ready-to-use system and get it white labelled, rather than think of getting it developed from scratch.

However, a White-Label Ad Tech solution must be evaluated carefully to ensure it suits your goals.

As mentioned, the Real Time Bidding Suite that make a AdTech Platform includes:

  1. Demand Side Platform
  2. Supply side platform
  3. Ad Exchange
  4. Ad Server
  5. Data Management Platform

First of all, to do white-labelling, there has to be a facility for a company to add their Logo, Color Themes and incorporation of Domain/other URLs. Now, a company needs to evaluate these points beforehand:

  • Financials - Cost of the entire platform, or of each module
  • Customization - How far the company can go to customize features
  • Maintenance - Periodic Server Back-up, support, service, and upgrades
  • Control, Transparency and Security – Complete data ownership and clear picture of media buying process
  • Scalability and Usability – Facility to upgrade/downgrade any module at any time and user friendliness

Once the broad parameters are met then one can proceed with other recommended evaluations before going full-fledged White-label:

Campaign Setups:

  • If there is support for Direct campaign and Third-Party DSP Campaign setups?
  • Does the solution offer header bidding?
  • Does it feature Advertiser API, Publisher API, and any other API access?
  • Does it include RTB Exchange integration and connect Direct Publishers via Scripts?
  • Does it allow sales through Direct, Programmatic and PMP?


  • Can the company have self-serve campaign manager?
  • Does it offer customizable real-time dashboard, notifications and report scheduling?
  • Does it accept a variety of ad formats such as display ads, videos, audio and other IAB compliant formats?
  • Does it offer smart traffic routing and inventory intelligence?
  • Does it have ML? That helps the solution become smarter and more efficient.


  • Third-Party Click tracking, Impression tracking option, as well as integration with Third-Party viewability or fraud detection tool
  • Does it offer Conversion Tracking by way of Pixels and S2S API URL?
  • Does the platform support Conversion/Segment Pixel tracking and multi-step conversion tracking?

Billing & Reporting:

  • Does the platform offer real time eCPM optimization, cost/revenue optimization?
  • If there is support for all billing/bidding models (CPM, CPC CPA)?
  • Does it provide a customizable or consolidated invoice management?
  • If the platform offers multi-level drill down of reports and aggregation of statistics.
  • Do users get traffic Fraud Reports?

These are only a few basic and essential “must have” features. There are others to consider that only a qualified expert in Kritter’s programmatic ad tech solutions can provide. Advertisers or publishers who plan to opt for white label ad tech should consult Kritter to get a platform that jump starts their business.

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