Criteria to Evaluate In House Programmatic Ad Tech and Benefits

Apart from Direct Advertising model, digital marketers, advertisers and publishers are adapting programmatic ad tech in a big way. If a Media Trader chooses to develop Ad Tech Solution Software from the ground up, they’ll be spending a lot of time, money and efforts. It also hampers business until the platform is market-ready.

The question arises: should they opt for in-house solution or rely on third party services?

and if they decide on in-housing ad-tech, what should they be looking at?

With Kritter, Advertisers and Publishers have an option of buying a ready-to-use, white labelled on-premise Ad-Tech Solution. It provides Real-Time Bidding and Data Management for Supply-side and Demand-side players.

However, one should evaluate various factors before deciding on buying the software for on-premise use.

Factors to consider for On-Premise Solution:

  • Unbiased Third-Party inventory validation, including viewability, brand safety and fraud
  • Exclusive ownership of any data (First-party, Post campaign, etc.)
  • Transparency at all levels
  • Unified Platforms for demand side, supply side along with ad server
  • Ready and easy integration with any Third-Party Platform or Tool
  • Support for multiple types of connections between Advertisers and Publishers (Direct/API/DSP/RTB Exchange)

In addition, the solution you consider should have vast analytics that let you know the customer details, behaviors, journey and referral sites and many more data points.

Other evaluation points may include:

  • Cost benefit, as to how much they save by having on-premise software
  • Usability, whether the platform is user friendly.
  • If training along with Technical and Operational Support is given.
  • Conduct a test to evaluate how in-housing can improve key performance metrics, deliver better service or give data insights.

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Users have total control and can customize majority of features and even develop custom features on top of Kritter’s Software
  • Technical as well as operational support for the smooth running of the business is provided
  • All data on boarded and generated by the stack will be owned by the client
  • Collection and Segmentation of Client’s data is done under the secured environment
  • The reporting section provides comprehensive standard and computed metrices for complete pre-or post-Campaign analysis. Client can also check the Report and optimize their Campaign on the fly
  • Ample control over the publisher and advertiser accounts and provide role-based access to the partners
  • Easy integration with Client bare bone infrastructure
  • Compatible with Clouds like AWS, GCP

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