What is On-Premise Ad Tech : Its Benefits and Disadvantages

Essentially, there are two types of Ad Tech Service – License and Subscription. A Media Trader can choose and see what works best for them. Both are simple in terms of expense. First is one-time payment for Software Solution or second is pay as you go model, which is essentially more beneficial for small operators.

Now, for average to bigger Media Traders, it makes sense to go for In-House Solution. Unlike taking shared/hosted, tenant infrastructure or multiple Platforms (Demand Side/ Supply Side/Ad Server/etc.) from a Third-Party Ad Tech Service Provider, they just need to rent a Server from a Cloud Provider, install Kritter’s Software Solution there and they are ready go into business.

On-Premise Solution - Pros and Cons

One can definitely opt for development of Ad Tech System from the ground up, but this is not only expensive and time-consuming but also prone to bugs. Instead when deployment is done on Client’s own Servers, few of the most prominent advantages can be accounted as -

  • Customization: When someone opt for white label solution, they’ll have a complete Ad Tech System with their Company’s name on it. Be it, Tags/Scripts generated from System, the URLs/Domain Names, etc. They’ll also have option to enhance the system according to the features that they need for Ad Operations.
  • Complete Control: Kritter’s On-Premise Solution provides a full control over things like day-to-day operational activities, taking up or turning down the number of Ad Servers or other Machines, etc.
  • Transparency: When you decide on having an Kritter’s On-Premise Solution, it is important to consider the ‘transparency’ factor. Sometime, a Third-Party Vendor may not disclose the fees that they charge for Media Trading. On the contrary, here Client will have visibility of bidding process, the price involved in auction, the amount that they are spending on Media Buying. So, overall, all the monetary aspects are completely transparent.
  • Security: Since Kritter’s is completely secured system, Client need not worry about security and confidentiality of data; as that would happen in case of a hosted solution. Client will have privilege of having VPN based access to their users. Also has the capability of providing role-based access.
  • Costing: If client’s Media Trading activities are on a smaller scale, they can choose for smaller Cloud Infrastructure or take bigger and robust Cloud Machine to hold Ad Trading at larger scale. The cost incurred is not fixed every time.

However, this also can be problem, if the Client is not running any Campaign, even though they need to pay the rent/fees to Cloud Provider.

Having said that, it is advisable for those with large Media Trading business, to choose Kritter’s On-Premise Solution. On the other hand, those new to the business or have small scale business, can opt for Kritter’s hosted solution.

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