Kritter's Custom Bidder Support To Help You Get The Most From It

The usual way programmatic bidding works through algorithms. Algorithms are set of rules that may or may not suit all advertisers. This paved the way for the development of Custom Bidder Agents, that comprises of complex but customizable algorithms, which lets advertisers set their own parameters for each campaign individually.

Kritter offers Custom Bidder that Media Buyers can integrate. Kritter Ad Trading Stack accepts and supports other Custom Bidders which a Media Buyers may have procured externally.

Support to train the algorithms

Generally, any complex algorithms need time to learn the market trend before giving appropriate results. To leverage the benefits of Custom Bidder, one has to fed in data such as type of traffic, device, geographical and demographical data and most importantly the bid amount for a particular Bid Request.

Kritter’s Custom Bidder evaluates each and every data points, and then after analyzing all possibilities gives out the most optimal Bid Value to be submitted for Bid Requests coming in.


In the Programmatic world, a Media Buyers may have AdTech Solution from one vendor and a Custom Bidder Agent from another. In order to eliminate the interoperability issue, Kritter, offers assistance to onboard and modify the algorithm for maximum compatibility.

Moreover, support to onboard First-party, Second-party data and Third-party data onto improve chances of bid wins.

Speeding it up

Timing is very essential in AdTech World. When you have a Custom Bidder in place, you may experience latency issues with time exceeding 10 milliseconds.

Kritter’s carries out detailed analytics to identify latency issues and to speed up response time so that delays do not cause you to lose out on bids.

Buyer/Advertiser/DSP/Platform Owner can choose to expose the traffic coming from a Direct Publishers or RTB Exchanges, to a Custom Bidding Agent.

Kritter’s Custom Bidder Agent gives the provision to deploy custom algorithms to determine the bid price for every Bid Request.

The goal is to empower buyers to write their own custom bidding algorithm/technology and optimize as per their supply and demand patterns.

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