Product Listing Ads

Feature Update - Product listing ads for Direct Publishers & Exchanges

What does it mean?

Product listing ads (PLAs) are more elaborative ads than regular ads, providing users with product details like product price, ratings, image, and other information. A product catalog drives these at the other end, which feeds the ad slots with the correct product details based on specific criteria like keywords, browsing history, etc.

Sellers predominantly use pLAs in eCommerce marketplaces to showcase their products. You must have seen these ad types while searching for a product or brand on Google. This is where the retailers or eCommerce players buy ad inventory from Google (on its search results page). 

With the evolution of retail media networks (eCommerce platforms becoming media sellers) over the last few years, more and more eCommerce platforms and online retailers are monetizing their inventories and allowing advertisers and brand partners to place ads on these websites and apps. Now, these platforms can also allow advertisers to deliver PLAs on their properties.

What can publishers do on Kritter?

With PLAs, retailers and eCommerce platforms can enable their partners and advertisers to run ads beyond the static banner ads. The ads displayed will seamlessly fit in the existing website or app layout similar to native ads, thus keeping the user experience intact. Once the catalog is uploaded onto the system, the ad delivery will take place based on the category, keywords, product name, gender, age group, among other parameters. 

The Kritter monetization suite for eCommerce platforms and e-retailers comes with easy integration using javascript codes, APIs and SDKs.

The feature is under development for exchanges for now, and we will update this article once it goes live.

Here is a sample ad slot where PLAs are being used through the Kritter monetization platform.

Sponsored Brand

A sponsored brand ad contains a brand logo and title (plus CTA and description in some cases) along with one or more products as PLA. Each product has its landing page, which redirects users to the detailed page of that product.

Why is this important?

With the rising demand for retail media, more and more retailers and e-commerce players are looking for new ways to attract advertisers to spend money on the platform while adding value to their users. PLAs are one such ad types that give a lot of flexibility and control to the advertisers where their entire catalog is ready to deliver relevant ads whenever triggered.

Simultaneously, when a user sees multiple products from a brand that can fulfill their need, the chance of clicking on one or more products increases.

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