Kritter Helps Enterprises To Bring AdTech InHouse

Isn't it always good to own a technology or technology platform rather than depending on some third party or external vendor/provider?

If you agree with the above statement, you must be acquainted with the term “In-Housing.” In the world of AdTech, this means “Owning a Technology (Software Platform) by means of deploying an AdTech solution on Clients own/rented Servers.

Owning an Advertising Technology Suite helps enterprises in more than one ways -

  • Self-Serve Platform: Allows advertisers to create, manage, analyze, and optimize their campaigns in a way they wish. This gives better control & visibility into the campaigns.
  • Own Branding: White-labeling empowers companies to incorporate their brand elements to the last detail and assimilate it to their existing technology stack.
  • New Business Opportunities: Businesses can choose to allow their customers to run their media campaigns on the new branded interface. This will add to additional revenue sources.
  • Cost Saving: When you bring the AdTech in-house, you let go of the management and other costs, thus improving your ROAS.
  • Harnessing The First-Party Data: Organizations sit on vast piles of customers’ data coming from various sources, such as transactions (online as well as offline), website navigation, CRM systems, and business intelligence tools. On an in-house platform, the ownership of the data remains with the organization and is as secure as it can get. Using it, organizations can devise tailored & personalized communication strategies for their customers.
  • Swift Workflows: With in-housing, you enable your teams to run, manage, and optimize media campaigns on their own without depending on a 3rd Party vendor to take actions on your behalf. This cuts down the turnaround time to a large extent and spares more time to think of better ways to delight your customers rather than being stuck among the timelines.
  • Increased Transparency: With the ownership of the entire platform, workflows, and data staying with you, programmatic no longer remains a Black Box. With additional features like a Custom Bidder, Access to Win & Bid Logs, Kritter adds on to the trust & transparency for the marketers as well the decision-makers.

How long Kritter has been In-Housing?

Kritter started in the year 2013. A fully functional Demand Side Platform was developed in 2014, while a full-blown Supply Side Platform was added to the tech suite in 2016. And the icing on the cake was a highly customizable and compatible DMP which came into existence in 2017. This completed our Ad Trading Stack, enabling us to now offer a comprehensive solution to our clients.

For more than six years now, Kritter’s In-House solution has been helping 30+ clients from different verticals, in their pursuit to deliver fantastic value to their customers from across the globe.

What sets Kritter apart from other providers?

The three key differentiators for Kritter’s In-House Solution are -

  • Cost-Benefit: Huge savings as compared to making your own Ad Tech Solution.
  • Reduction in Go-to-Market time: Kritter is a Market-ready Product, at your disposal.
  • Security: No leakage of data in any manner.

Here are some more ways Kritter help enterprises align the platform to their business goals -

  • Compatibility: The platform is easy to integrate with most of the commonly available upstream & downstream applications. Organizations can onboard publishers, ad exchanges of their choice as well to suit their needs.
  • Maintenance and Enhancements: Ongoing support of the Platform and periodic deployment of new Features & Updates are done on the fly, keeping the platform current without disrupting your seamless experience.
  • Access Control: Access to Bid and Win Logs lines gives you an edge over your competitors.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Real-time reports, as well as detailed reports, show all the necessary data to the granular level. Reports can be customized to your business objectives with metrics that matter the most to you.
  • Customization and Personalization: The platform comes personalized with your brand elements and has features like Custom Bidder and custom-built targeting to help you realize your business & marketing objectives.

Kritter’s On-Premise Software Solution is successfully deployed at multiple locations for various big and small clients and has stood the test of time.

Be it Ad Networks or Ad Agencies or other verticals like Education, Retail, Gaming, Media Houses, and e-commerce/Payment Apps - Kritter has customers across the globe using In-House AdTech Solution, to make most of the programmatic ecosystem.

Some examples where Kritter enabled its customers to achieve programmatic success through In-Housing -

Education Sector - An Australian Branding Agency, which runs campaigns for Colleges and Universities. They aimed to reach out to the maximum number of students and aspirants.

  • More than 600Million Impressions served within 1 Year
  • More than 2Million Clicks generated
  • More than 20,000 Conversions made (Form Fills and Sign-ups)

Gaming Sector – A London-based Gaming Company wanted to advertise its Owned & Operated Gaming Applications and optimize to gain more installs.

  • 1000% Increase in CTR (vs. the Industry Average)
  • 55.5% Reduction in Average Cost-Per-Acquisition
  • 50% Increase in Average eCPM
  • 10X – 15X Daily Revenue increase on Kritter Platform

Retail Sector – A Conglomerate of Retail, Fashion, Supermarket Chains, Online Payment, and Digital Wallet wanted to reach out to their users with personalized Ads.

  • Created a bridge between the Online Ad Campaign and the Offline transactions
  • Kritter provides a wide range of custom-built reports
  • Facilitated sharing of Loglines to them so that they can deduce more information

Ad Agency – A Multinational Company, reaching out to users by using Hyper-Local targeting. They also created online personas using hyper-local POS and Bluetooth beacon data.

  • More than 330 million impressions served across the globe in 1 month
  • More than 80% reduction in inventory wastage
  • Average CTR 1.76%
  • 40% reduction in CPA

A Mobile Tech CompanyThey wanted to maximize the yield of their Direct Publishers by connecting them to various other DSPs via Kritter’s DSP.

  • The Client’s Publisher can connect with multiple Demand Partners at once
  • Using Self-Serve, the Client can give controlled access (Full, Read-Only or Reporting Only) to their clients
  • White-labelling the platform for them, helped them in increasing their Brand Value in the market

Kritter InHouse solution is suited for enterprises, advertisers, brands, and publishers alike. The ecosystem, complete with a robust DSP, SSP, and DMP, enables them to integrate the entire suite with their existing infrastructure and empower their teams to plan & execute media campaigns with better control, visibility, and precision. The benefits of using the Kritter platform exceed what other SaaS solutions present in the market deliver. 

In a nutshell...

Organizations can assimilate the platform to their existing tech infrastructure in the real sense. They can brand it as their own, take full control of data and security, improve ROI by reducing turnaround time and costs, enable their teams to deliver tailored communications to their customers and make use of their First-Party data without any worry.

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