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WhiteLabel AdTech Solutions - Why do Advertisers need them?

First, let us get familiar with the term "White-Labeling".

What is WhiteLabeling?

Wikipedia defines a White Label product as - "A product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it." When a company/brand decides to add a new product or service to be marketed, they can either build it from scratch or select a provider to rebrand an existing solution as their own.

In the world of AdTech - it is a process of taking a programmatic platform from a solution provider and rebranding (with logo, CSS, Color scheme, and URLs) as per a media trader, to make it look like it belongs to them.

To bring this into perspective, let us assume that there is a media trader, with a domain name www.mediatrader.com, wants to get a Whitelabel Ad Trading Solution from a provider named AdTech Provider. Now this provider has an ad trading console, with URL as console.adtechprovider.com. Once the white-labeling process is complete, the media trader will receive the same console, customized and adapted to its branding theme, along with rebranded domains as console.mediatrader.com it can be showcased as their “own” Ad Trading Desk domain.

Since such solution providers work on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and their name is nowhere mentioned in the white-labeled version of the software - the Media Trader can go in the market, with their Ad Trading Desk, ready to onboard Supply and Demand Partners.

So what pushes advertisers into thinking of getting their own AdTech platform?

According to a study conducted by Hubspot, advertisers feel a loss of control with programmatic ad management while working with an agency.

The study suggests that Advertisers are losing trust in Agencies when it comes to programmatic advertising.

In the same study, 76% of the advertisers feel that media agencies don't use proprietary programmatic technology. In essence, it's the control and transparency (data & financial) that advertisers strive for when looking for programmatic advertising!


A Programmatic Ad Tech Platform is a blend of multiple modules. A client may or may not need all of them. Therefore, it is best to opt for a "ready-to-use" system - select what you need, and get it white-labeled. As simple as that!

As opposed to the above option, if a media trader plans to have an AdTech Platform developed on their own (in-house) from the ground up, they need to find answers to few key questions, like - 

  1. Can they find enough resources to get the project off the ground? 
  2. Can they wait till the platform is ready to be launched in the market? 
  3. Can they afford to spend the dollars needed to build such a platform?

If the answer to any (or more) of the questions is a "No” then isn't it wise to drop the idea?

Here's why - 

Firstly, today's market is exceptionally competitive and spontaneous; spending such vast amounts of hours, dollars, and resources on research and development, to create something that is needed NOW, in a year's time is too risky for the business. And once you get the platform built, there will be certain technological advancements that you wouldn't have taken into account in your roadmap.
Secondly, there are solutions readily available in the market, giving you the flexibility to customize the platform to suit your programmatic needs, rebrand it to your identity to the last detail, and that too at a fraction of what it would have cost you otherwise.

Kritter - An Ideal WhiteLabel AdTech Solution

Kritter's White Label AdTech Solution is one such offering that outclasses other providers in the market.

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. We tailor solutions for Brands, Agencies, Advertisers, Media Houses, as well as Web / Mobile / In-App Publishers, based on their programmatic needs.

Kritter doesn't stop at just white-labeling, where the Demand-side and Supply-side players will have the ready-to-use platform with their brand on it. We provide customization at the feature level as well.

For example, a media trader would want to have another custom bidding agent or audience builder module or custom targeting sections or custom reporting dimensions/metrics or even access to bid and win logs - we can provide it all.

Where the market is headed?

Looking at the trends of today's AdTech Market- it's just a matter of time, big or small, all companies will eventually move towards their own programmatic media buying solutions. Because who doesn't want to get that competitive edge and make a mark by showcasing their branded platform in the market?

In this process, a media trader either takes a risk, spends its resources and builds the platform from scratch OR they can reach out to the available WhiteLabel AdTech solution providers in the market. If they go with the second option, then apart from drastically reducing the Time-To-Market, here are some common benefits of most WhiteLabel solutions -

  • Monetization - Readily available traffic from existing exchanges (Kritter has 40+ Exchanges on the platform). White label DSP owners need not stay in the queue. 
  • Financial-benefit - Saving the cost of building the entire platform, or on each module. Save Big.
  • Maintenance - The periodic server back-up, and upgrades are handled by us, on the fly. Always stay current.
  • Operational & Tech Support - You only need to set up your campaign. We take care of all the nitty-gritty. No hassle.
  • Transparency & Security – Most providers ensure complete data ownership and clear visibility in the media buying process in a completely secure environment. Kritter guarantees it.
  • Scalability – Most providers will give you the flexibility to upgrade/downgrade any module at any time. Kritter's system is flexible enough to save space, cost, and time
  • Usability - Your Whitelabel solution provider will make sure of easy usability. Kritter provides a single intuitive UI to manage Demand as well as Supply. Also, role-based access to your clients if needed. 

At Kritter, we make sure the Whitelabel platform delivers what is expected of it.

Here are some key takeaways for you - 

  • More and more brands/advertisers are contemplating to get their own AdTech platform.
  • Advertisers suspect that agencies are not able to deliver extensive benefits of programmatic solutions and that they would like to take control.
  • But creating your own programmatic media buying platform from scratch can be expensive, time-taking, and an incompetent exercise.
  • White-labeling turns out to be the optimal solution for Advertisers as well as Agencies. Feels good to own the platform without all the pain involved. 

Being in the AdTech space for more than six years now, Kritter has been at the forefront of its evolution. We have helped and are continuously engaged with more than 30 clients from various verticals across the globe, with our best in class Whitelabel Programmatic Solution.

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