• Not so long ago, Google’s DFP, which is renamed to Google Ad Manager (GAM) now, was considered as the “go-to solution” for displaying ads on websites. Just because Google’s ad

  • People always get confused with Remarketing and Retargeting because these two words can be used interchangeably, depending on different viewpoints. A very common notion for these two is like –

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  • We know that there are two major parties that we need to care about, are Demand and Supply. “Demand” is a term used for advertisers or media buyers. A Demand

  • Often people find advertisements annoying if it’s not pleasing enough. But subconsciously, we all prefer suggestions, right? We need someone to second us on what to buy, where to buy,

  • People from Ad-Tech Industry will agree that keeping track of a Customers/Audiences/Users is very vital, as it affects the revenue of an organization or ad-network. This is because, if you’re

  • Developed by the entities Nelson and Oracle, a Data Management Platform or DMP can be defined as – mechanism of gathering organized or unorganized data, from a scope of internal

  • Yes, it’s not a new thing… Advertisements have been around for thousands of years! Egyptians did the earliest known advertisement. They were the first to use ‘papyrus’ for advertising their

  • The Ad Tech industry is rapidly growing. The people in the sector need to keep up with it. Gone are the days where marketers used to use standard banners. Over

  • As soon as you hear the word "Augmented Reality", you'll be bound to think that it must be something related to gaming or entertainment. Agree? Well, AR surely has been

  • It is very evident that advertisers nowadays are worried about things like brand safety, viewability, inventory quality, data capabilities, transparency, etc. To overcome those matters, publishers began to offer their

  • Over-The-Top (OTT) can be introduced as a device/service, used to stream digital content via the Internet, onto a TV or a similar device. It is a standalone product, whose functionality

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  1. Saurabh Sharma

    Looking to integrated our own ad server (revive) with prebid and monitize our assets (web and app).
    Let’s know if we can have discussion on this.

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